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VPA: Visual Perception Analysis

VPA (Visual Perception Analysis) was a technique Dani developed to help highlight misalignment and differing perspectives in teams and families.

It was based on her research showing that we see just 10% of things with our eyes, 90% comes from our brains.

So in a quest to discover what was going on in the brain she began using black and white imagery to help unlock beliefs, perceptions and understanding. Over the past 10 years she’s developed this process, now referred to as VPA. The process is so impactful and effective that she has worked with a PhD student at Warwick Business School.

VPA is now used for building in-depth reports for teams, family businesses and individuals. She created a playful taster experience called GLAS Freeplay for people to select from set answers. Although this is a free taster, even Freeplay has revealed that increasing need for people to find a sense of purpose, fulfilment and balance – core elements of GLAS.

Try out a free version for yourself:

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