Visual Synopsis

Dani has always loved drawing and taking very visual notes. She combines this with an ability to absorb, synthesise and interpret information in a simple and precise way.  This was noticed by people around her who would request copies of her note taking.

From 2015 she began to increase her research for GLAS and was reading a non-fiction book a week together with listening to TED Talks, podcasts and any other material that she came across – but continued to draw her notes.

By 2016 this began to take shape as her first visual synopsis – featuring Thrive by Arianna Huffington. This was originally for her own benefit but someone spotted her note book and suggested that she should share them. She acted on her colleagues advice and was formally born. As time passed and interest grew, Dani maintained her appetite for new research and thought leadership and turned each pieces into a beautiful but simple piece of art. Each drawing included GLAS within it – after all, that was her aim and focus.

Since then and after creating more than 100 formal visual synopsis pieces, Dani has also captured other types of inspiring content. She’s managed to draw the essence of a hospice, a journey of recovery, business models, talks, conferences…

the only requirement is inspirational content – Dani makes it simple, memorable and beautiful

Today, Dani takes commissions and her work is globally received with her weekly pieces being available as downloads from the Visual Synopsis website. Each year she creates a calendar featuring 12 of the pieces which can be bought by clicking below:

 You can now order your 2019 Visual Synopsis Calendar  – click below:

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