GLAS: Global Life Alignment System

GLAS is the product of many years of research and experience both in and around a variety of businesses and situations, relationships and challenges.

GLAS helps build confidence and clarity to drive sustainable success

GLAS is a living framework that has the ability to produce instant impact and equip individuals, teams, families and businesses with ways to navigate challenges, stay aligned and balanced producing sustainable results.

Based on 10 core elements, GLAS can be used in micro situations as well as major decision making. It provides a language and simplicity that even young children can adopt. It explains why things are happening and what to do as next steps.

GLAS is Dani’s focus and the ultimate product of her other endeavours.

  • Visual Synopsis is part of the ongoing research for GLAS
  • Kindness is one of the connecting elements of GLAS
  • VPA is one of many tools within GLAS to unlock unconscious obstacles
  • GLAS Adventurer is a packaged version of GLAS for young people
  • Dani’s speaking, media coverage and public appearances aim to raise awareness of the need for GLAS and inspire people to benefit from it

Refreshing, playful and powerful. Once you’ve seen the colours produced by the GLAS lens you won’t look back!

One framework, infinite possibilities…

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