GLAS for Children

GLAS is suitable for any age – but where better to try and make an impact than future leaders, employees, parents, Olympians, neighbours…

The starting point for GLAS with children is to provide a simpler and more accessible language for each of the 5 Principal Elements and how to connect these.

One of the main connectors within the GLAS framework is kindness. This was Dani’s focus initially when she began sharing her videos and experiences of kindness in primary schools. From this point she developed a version of GLAS to take into workshops for year 6 students.

School children, during their time with Dani, became GLAS Adventurers.

Using her creative skills, Dani brought GLAS, and kindness especially, to life with children visiting the 5 GLAS Worlds, gaining a GLAS Gem as they completed tasks and earned their GLAS String – the String of Kindness. Watch the video below for a Year 6 class at the end of their GLAS Adventure

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